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The aptly-named Minnow had been built at Rat Portagenow Kenora, Ontario, on Lake o the Woodsand came by CPR flatcar to The Hat. In 1906 the builder of Jesse Knights sugar mill at Raymond, Ephraim Ellison, began raising his wood-framed Ellison Milling and Elevator Company, Limited, plant in much the same place that the modern mill stands. To buy the land, build the road, and expand the mining operations, would require 500,000. The fact that Sheran had taken to wife a Piikani, White-tailed Deer WomanMary Brown, likely stayed their interference. To demonstrate just what a little water could do for AR C lands, Galt donated a plot upon which a model farm was created. In 1883, Copper King Marcus Daly had built his Anaconda Copper Mining Company smelter near the mining town of Butte which, four years later, was to surpass the mines on Lake Superior as the United States main copper supplier.

Strevel and. The 25th Battery of the Canadian Field Artillery had been organized in the City on April 1st, 1908, mostly to fire salutes for visiting dignitaries and on auspicious occasions. 127 The Ordinance did not address the length of an underground working day, a limit for which miners had been long agitating: ten hours underground was normal, 12 common, and more when the company required. Perhaps the N-WC N had surrendered or sold its service to him, as it is difficult to imagine that competing ferries would be operated less than eight stones throws apart. They say that in the World there are higher trestle bridges, and that there are longer, but that no-where is there a longer, higher trestle bridge.

In those dens of iniquity, at a very modest cost, a lonely young man could dull the pain of homesickness and immerse himself in the comforts of feminine company. Rood estimates to be a 50-hour trip to Medicine Hat, should no impediments be encountered. Maria Elizabeth Van Haarlem, a nurse by training. On June 27th, led by the New York exchange, they fell into the abyss. As work progressed on the tram line, the administrators of the Village of Stafford vowed never to amalgamate with Lethbridge if the City failed to lay a line to the Village. By the time that the New Barnes was deemed to have given up the last of its economically-mined 39,000 tonnes in 1925 and been abandoned, 153.C. He soon had, writes. Major airports with passenger and servicing facilities, navigation aids and meteorology stations would be established every 100 or so miles, with two intermediate landing fields in between. However, the way the infrastructure had developed, this Canadian wealth would be drained away under-taxed into the United States. Charlie Elliott who formed Lethbridge Commercial Airways (LCA) in 1927, the main asset of which was Elliotts new J-1, registered as C-cahu on August 22nd.

Carver featuring reinforced concrete pillars and slab floors. 4.!NB: To return to this end-notes origin in the main text, left-click your browsers Back arrow London barrister and political heavy-weight, and major shareholder in the Oxley Ranche on Willow Creek near Fort Macleod.!NB: To return to this end-notes origin in the main text, left-click. On November 16th of that year, write Johnston, Gladwyn and Ellis in Lethbridge: Its Coal Industry, the company acquired the old Pioneer 148 mine across the River where 1st Avenue. When floodwaters soaked the old homes down on the Bottoms in the spring of 1953, residents, who had been under civic pressure to vacate for three years, were refused the right of return and the bedraggled structures were bull-dozed. By the end of the day 101 new men were in camp on the Ex grounds for basic training before being sent to Medicine Hat, Pincher Creek, or Camp Sarcee near Calgary.

Ross forthwith founded Ranchers Air Line, Limited, on July 22nd, 1931, but it was merely his hobby horse, and was struck from the Register on the 31st of March, 1938.!NB: To return to this end-notes origin in the main text, left-click your browsers Back arrow. Side of The Pass.!NB: To return to this end-notes origin in the main text, left-click your browsers Back arrow Concurrent with its negotiations with the government, the CPR dickered with the owners of the.C. On the far northern tip several mines worked over the years. They likely only travelled as far as Haneyville to visit Michael., as the line had not been completed much beyond the Continental Divide, 101 route-miles from Lethbridge. Davis.!NB: To return to this end-notes origin in the main text, left-click your browsers Back arrow This act, An Act respecting the utilization of the waters of the North-west Territories for Irrigation and other purposes sequestered all waters to the Crown for disposal at its. The United Mine Workers of America (umwa) had been founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1890, and its successes, primarily the large part it played in winning the 8-hour day for American miners in 1898, attracted the attention of western Canadian miners. On October 29th, 1929, the already-volatile New York stock exchange suffered a precipitous decline in share values from which it could not recover, plunging the economies of North America, and indeed the World, into the Great Depression. Patricks on August 24th.


The entire 200 feet of the structure collapsed like a pack of cards,"s Diana Wilson in her Railroad Through the Crowsnest ( Triumph and Tragedy in the Crowsnest Pass,. 8, the Federal Mine at Lethbridge, Cadillac Coal Company Limiteds Standard mine in the Pyami Coulee at Shaughnessy, and the Royalties and Share Corporation Limiteds Imperial Mine at Coalhurst. Trews report in Lethbridge Had a Baroness, that the Minnow never returned to The Hat, but was rather sold in 1885 to the Lamoureuxs.!NB: To return to this end-notes origin in the main text, left-click your browsers Back arrow Run by John Kean who came. Usually it affected the old and the very young, but this new strain was different; it attacked mostly those between twenty and forty years of age, a tragedy of catastrophic proportions to a world that had lost so many young men to war. Burdett-Coutts.!NB: To return to this end-notes origin in the main text, left-click your browsers Back arrow The average price of a watered acre in the area at the time is calculated by den Otter in Civilizing the West: to have been 12 with exceptional lands. Gibb was also involved that year in raising Lethbridges first all-stone structure, the Union Bank of Lower Canada building. The fort was left to crumble, the last vestiges of it washing away in the spring floods of either June, 1902, or in 1915.

Headed by one of the six chuffing, puffing little Baldwin-built Mogul 2-6-0s which the road eventually owned, trains of up to 15 loaded coal gons travelled some 7 hours across the treeless Prairie to arrive at Dunmore on tracks parallel to, and elevated above, the. Den Otter in Civilizing the West:, CP bought the lands from the AR I to obviate the stipulation that the any unsold AR I land would revert to the Crown in 1917. He served in the position for 12 years, initially using his own and his companys money to underwrite the industrialization of Sherbrooke. As the reservoir filled, the Main Canal was dug eastward until it presently contours 312 kilometres across the face of the land to dribble its polluted runoff into the South Saskatchewan River just up-stream from Medicine Hat. The worldwide epidemic, or pandemic, struck in the spring and the fall of 1918 and the early months of 1919. Captain Deane and his contingent of N-WMPs were generally of the mind that a man should pretty much be left to control him self when it came to pleasures, especially if the enforcement of poorly considered, wet-blanket regulation led to misunderstanding and unnecessarily elevated tensions. Efficient and unromantic, the diesel engine was changing the business of railroading continent-wide. It was a red letter day for the Rev. 1 was a big producer, out-putting an average of 545 tonnes per day, busily honey-combing the earth beneath Lethbridge until it was shut down on March the 5th, 1897.

Completed to three storeys in 1909, an additional two floors were added in 1911. Various pieces of still-useful equipment were scavenged from the site, the largest of which was the Link Belt tipple, after which the rails to the. Consensus has it that the mêlée, fought mainly on the brushy flats across which the Viaduct now struts, cost the Niitsi-tapi forty killed and fifty wounded. But for a favoured maintenance staff the men were dismissed and the machines shut down. Miller Ramsay, both of Montréal, John Galt of Winnipeg, and Chas. quot;ng from Lois Simmies The Secret Lives of Sgt. Ventilation problems, however, limited the mines reach to about 300 metres. With such an itinerant population it was hard to foster civic pride, to maintain organizations like fire brigades, to justify schooling costs, to collect taxes to maintain services. The City desired greatly that a traffic deck be built below the railway deck in a design similar to the bi-level bridge that CP would complete in Edmonton in 1913.

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Carter in powbehind Canadian Barbed Wire (Eagle Butte Press., Elkwater, Alberta, 1998 officially opened on September 30, 1915, and closed on November 7th, 1916, after many escapes. Some had a taste for alcohol and were willing to risk everything, trade anything, sell anything for another taste. The Law was required to condemn such heinous deeds so that heads could be legally bashed by policemen just doing their duty, bustin up rallies and parades. Extending eastward toward Galt Gardens. It took one month to build. The International Harvester Company had recently opened up a regional headquarters in Lethbridge, indicative of the demand for its machinery. Travellers that eschew the attractions of the 3A are fated to ride the still-divided Highway which, as if jumping for joy at having shaken off 3A, immediately humps itself over the CPRs tracks on an overpass emplaced in 1967 and offers a good look.

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Galts business acumen and his ability to clearly express his vision won him the management of the London head office for site de rencontres de cul rencontre erotique a couple of years, possibly upon the death of his father in 1839. Down into Indian Battle Park. Patterson, Annie Laurie Stafford Peat,.R. One of Dewdneys main duties was the distribution of treaty monies to the tribes, and it was while he was engaged in this task in the summer of 1880 that his secretary visited the coal banks. The Company would provide the standard gauge motive power and rolling stock to operate the line, agreed buy 200 tons per day of Galt coal.50 per ton, and would kick back to AR C 40 of the gross revenue earned by the line. On April 9th of 1884 the Alberta Railway and Coal Company (AR C) was incorporated in England, but it was fated to lay dormant for a number of years. This became cause for concern for Canadian nationalists when in the late 1880s reports of fabulous lodes of precious and industrial metals and minerals began filtering out of the area. More and more, contractors were instructed to build with stone and brick, indications that people planned on staying.

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